Société immobilière Trillion is a real estate management firm providing a wide range of services to private companies and institutions. Our management portfolio is valued at $100 million and comprises office buildings, as well as commercial, industrial and residential properties, retirement homes and medical clinics throughout Québec.

Property owners can count on Trillion‘s expertise to increase the value of their assets and therefore maximize their profits, whether the goal is to resell the property or to increase rental income. Our approach is based on reducing operating expenses while maintaining the highest standards in terms of service quality and cleanliness.

Because we provide personalized services that are customized to meet the specific needs and objectives of each client, the name Trillion has become synonym with quality and success in the Québec real estate market in the last twenty years. Trillion has all the expertise, market knowledge and flexibility to answer the needs of any company, regardless of its size or the value of its assets, whether its goal is to:
  • Improve property management by focusing on cost reduction while maintaining quality standards
  • Revitalize or redevelop a property in order to maximize revenue
  • Increase the value of a property for the purpose of reselling with a profit
  • Relocate or implement a company with the help of an affiliated real estate brokerage firm

Trillion covers every aspect of property management, whether it is for commercial, industrial or residential properties or office buildings. Knowing that each situation requires a customized approach, Trillion will allocate the necessary resources to meet the needs of each client and respect their budget.

Another priority for Trillion is to ensure the highest degree of transparency at every level. Among other things, we manage funds in separate accounts and provide detailed reports of every transaction we make on behalf of our clients and partners. In fact, clients who wish to have unlimited on-line access to their financial reports and data may do so through our secured intranet site.


Over the years, Trillion has acquired outstanding expertise for revitalizing properties and helping owners face the challenges of changing market conditions, increasing competition and rising operating expenses.

Our management approach is based on an extensive knowledge of market trends and forecasts, as well as efficient marketing strategies and concrete action plans aimed at improving the performance of properties while minimizing operating costs.


Depending on the type of property and current market conditions, Trillion will be able to estimate potential revenue, as well as establish strategies, implement action plans and make concrete and realistic recommendations in order to raise the value, increase income and control operating costs through good management practices.

At Trillion, we start with familiarizing ourselves with each client in order to better understand their needs and objectives. We then develop a strategy focusing on achieving these specific objectives, both in the short and long term.

  • Identifying the client’s goals
  • Defining the mandate according the client’s needs
  • Establishing a diagnosis based on market conditions
  • Presenting concrete solutions
  • Building a successful partnership based on trust
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